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You're Folding It Wrong

First Draught
You're Folding It Wrong
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #164 • View online
The latest Samsung fiasco is incredible for a few reasons. First and foremost, it’s a disaster where, unlike the last one with the exploding batteries, we can make fun of it with ease because people’s lives aren’t in danger. Well, presumably. Second, of course this device was going to be a comedic disaster upon launch. Third, how on Earth did Samsung not realize what a disaster this would be given both their very real disaster with the exploding batteries and the fact that they’ve obviously been testing this device for months (years?).
I used to think the Fire Phone was the ultimate example of the gimmicky prototype device that a company should have kept in prototype phase. But whereas Amazon had an excuse of it being their first phone, Samsung has no such excuse. Again, they have almost the opposite of that excuse. They’ve shipped millions (billions?) of devices and have had a PR (and real) disaster with one such device in recent memory.
Look, I get wanting to push boundaries. And I get that there’s even more pressure to do so in our smartphone-saturated world. But again, I just think you have to keep such things to prototype or “concept” stages until they’re actually ready for real-world usage. Many of us could see from miles away that the Galaxy Fold would not fit that bill any time soon, if ever.
And yet someone at the company decided they were going to not only release this device to the public, but they were going to charge people $2,000 for the privilege of owning such an experiment. Prestige? It’s the kind of move that takes the brand trust already badly damaged by an exploding Galaxy Note and kicks it in the nuts.
Thanks for laughs if absolutely nothing else, Samsung.
Drinking: a Dogfish Head Dragons & YumYums (which they made in collaboration with The Flaming Lips?!) 🍻

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