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The Night Before WWDC 2019

First Draught
The Night Before WWDC 2019
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #172 • View online
Happy WWDC-eve. As is usually the case with Apple these days, it seems like basically everything that will be announced tomorrow has already leaked. This write up by Dieter Bohn would seem to be a good summary of what to expect (with most of the scoops coming from Mark Gurman and Guilherme Rambo, of course). 
But who knows, there may be a surprise or two left. Honestly, these days I care less about surprises and more about three fundamental things I think Apple needs to address:
1) The unchaining of the iPad
2) The “Marzipan” situation
3) The end of iTunes
On the first, I would love — lovelovelovelove— to use the iPad Pro as my primary computer. And for the most part, I do. And yet here I am typing this note on a Mac. Why? Because it has a fully capable web browser; the iPad does not. That’s clearly not for a lack of power — the new iPad Pro is pretty clearly more powerful than my MacBook right now — but it’s because of silly little things, like the iPad defaulting to iPhone-ready sites on the web. This is rumored to be changing, of course. But the reality is that until Apple enables a full Mac-like experience, I’ll be here, on my Mac.
The second is decidedly more complicated. But as everyone has noted to no end, the first round of Marzipan, that is, apps — Apple: don’t say “ported”, don’t say “ported”, don’t say “ported” — ported from iOS to the Mac, suck. More are apparently on the way. A second generation, as it were. Might this be the missing link that gets us to the ARM MacBook as well? No clue. I just want my Twitter for Mac back.
Third, it’s timeBeyond time, really. And the time has come, apparently. (For the new, new Mac Pro, as well?!)

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