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Signs of Summer

First Draught
Signs of Summer
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #170 • View online
As we approach the summer, and as such, three years of this little newsletter experiment that I’ve been running, I’m firmly back in revisiting/rethinking what I’d like to do here.
Truth be told, I’m quite happy with how things have gone and grown and the place this newsletter has gotten to. But I also find that times of strength are the best times to shake things up a bit. And I’ve been narrowing in on a slightly different version of this – with a focus on it being a bit less laborious to write and to read. With that in mind, it’s hopefully something I could do more often as well.
Anyway, I’m still working through some of this, but I’m getting closer. I’m also about to enter a hectic schedule of travel, so the changes are things I’m going to roll out first and slowly build up towards a regular cadence.
Hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day weekend. More soon!
Drinking: a honey latte. ☕️

5ish Links
The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet
Hannibal Lecter’s Creator Cooks Up Something New (No Fava Beans or Chianti)
Inside Facebook's New Robotics Lab, Where AI and Machines Friend One Another
Playdate: A New Handheld Gaming System
Three Heavyweights and the Boxing Revolution
A Tweet to Frame the SF Boom
Zach Klein
The thing that strikes me as unique about SF is the real part (the setting) on top of which the imaginary part exists (the city: temporary buildings, the temporary red hot industry, the temporary community).
500ish Words
It’s Amazing That Anyone Upgrades Their iPhone
Reading the Room
A Giphy To Go
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