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Plus, Indeed

First Draught
Plus, Indeed
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #162 • View online
A funny thing happened on the way to the end of cable: we’re now all about to be paying just as much — if not more — money for the content we desire. Except now we’ll be paying it to more parties because, well, a la carte! And it’s going to be in some ways harder than ever to find what you want to watch because of the newly disjointed nature of the above
And yet, there are benefits. Namely, there is far more great content being created than ever before. And we have more control over said content than ever before, in that we can watch it, for the most part, whenever we want, wherever we want. 
But the notion that we were ever going to save a ton of money in this “a la carte” future was always a lie. The ever-increasing cable bills mixed with a bunch of mediocre content that seemingly few people wanted to watch blinded us. Our bundles of bundles future after the great unbundling was always inevitable.
I was thinking about this once again yesterday in light of the announcement of Disney+. The service, which will cost $7/month when it launches in November, sounds great. And reasonably priced! Which is bad news in that it’s going to be yet another must-have. As such, it’s not going to remove Netflix from your equation, it’s going to sit alongside it. Along with HBO Go. And Amazon Prime TV. And perhaps Showtime. ESPN+? And maybe even Apple TV+. Oh, and our new “basic cable” streaming layer — mine is YouTube TV, which just got a price increase to $50/month. And so on. 
(It would sure seem that Disney has a unique advantage with Hulu here, now that they’re the majority owner and can clearly bundle it with Disney+ and ESPN+ – smart, that Bob Iger guy is.)
Did I mention that in order to power all of this, we’re paying something like $100/month for internet. And that money is likely going to the same folks who we’re no longer paying for their cable tv. What weird times we live in.
Anyway, I’ll spare everyone from repeating my joke about “+” being a fitting name for this new service from Disney (not to mention from Apple and Disney’s own ESPN) as it notes how we’ll now need this streaming service plus this other plus another one still. Actually, too late. And too true!
Drinking: a latte ☕️ (it’s 10am)

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Speaking of Disney...
Star Wars: Episode IX – Teaser
Star Wars: Episode IX – Teaser
A Giphy To Go
All the GIFs for 'The Rise of Skywalker' -- I'll have some thoughts on this soon...
All the GIFs for 'The Rise of Skywalker' -- I'll have some thoughts on this soon...
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