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Out Firefox'd

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Out Firefox'd
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #107 • View online
A lot of people seemed surprised by the revelation that I use (and love) Firefox Focus on both my iPhone and iPad. But once they use it, they won’t be surprised. It’s so damn fast. 
And the reason isn’t the underlying technology (on iOS, it has to use the same core tech, such the rendering engine, that every other browser has to use). It’s because the speed-to-open-to-search is so fast. They remove all the other cruft – you know, the things that often sneak into a product under the guise of “features”. 
On mobile, it’s one thing. On desktop, it’s another. And so let me take a moment to also praise Firefox on the desktop as well. The new one – aka “Quantum”. I was highly skeptical going in, but it’s really good. Again, because it’s really fast and removes a lot of the bloat other browsers rack up over the years – *cough* Chrome.
This is more than a little ironic. As it was Chrome which Google swooped in with in the dark of night to take out Firefox (and more pressingly, Internet Explorer) back in the day. The initial version of Chrome (even before it was Mac-compatible, which took some time) was such a breath of fresh air. Firefox had gotten bloated. And now the roles have reversed.
But actually my favorite thing about the new Firefox is a feature. It’s the ability to trigger “Reader View” (similar to Safari’s feature of the same name) and then hit the “Narrate” button on the left-side panel. It’s such a good voice-over reader, complete with the ability to visually follow-along to the text as you listen.
And you can easily toggle the speed at which you wish to listen. Very, very, very well done, Mozilla. 
Drinking: a Fort Point Villager IPA 🍻

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