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First Draught
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #140 • View online
Another week, another year, another major Apple flub. Just hours after the invites went out to Apple’s September 12 iPhone event, the world seemingly knew what the company would announce at said event. No, they didn’t give it away with the invite itself, which was arguably more cryptic than usual, instead, some marketing material for not only the new iPhone(s), but also the new Apple Watch, found its way into the hands of 9to5Mac.
It’s not entirely clear how this leak happened. But it sure seems like there was a website (or video?) with promotional material which was accidentally pushed live on the web early. Or perhaps it was intentionally pushed live with the notion being that no one would be able to find it without the exact URL. Someone obviously found said URL…
And so now the world knows what’s coming. Of course, everyone always knew what the main event would be here: the new iPhone. And component leaks all but nailed down what these images seem to confirm. What wasn’t clear is what else Apple would announce at this event – iPads? MacBooks? While those are certainly still possible, it sure feels like this event will be about iPhones and the new Apple Watch – with those other two categories getting some love in an event of their own, perhaps next month.
Anyway, the complete and utter failure to double down on secrecy once again (6 years running!) aside, the leaked images of both the new iPhones and the new Apple Watch look fantastic. I even sort of like the new gold colors. It’s obviously hard to judge a device by its leaked promo images, but this color looks a bit darker than the previous iterations of gold that Apple has done in the past.
Said another way: they look less like Donald Trump tacky gold, and more like actually sort of elegant gold.
Colors aside, the real debate is far from settled: standard size iPhone X(S) or the big boy? I eventually went Plus with the last interactions of the iPhone and was ultimately happy with the call. But part of that was due to the nicer camera system on those devices – will the same be true here with the larger variety once again? I know a lot of people are hoping that won’t be the case, this time.
Meanwhile, the larger screen Apple Watch seems like a no-brainer. I suspect this will be the most important upgrade to the device since the product came into existence. A lot of folks, myself included, thought the addition of cellular would be a game-changer. As it turns out, that rarely, if ever, matters. At least in my experience. I’d gladly pay less for the non-cellular version going forward. The reality is that I always just have my iPhone on me, so being always tethered via Bluetooth seems perfectly fine (which I’ve noticed even more so recently after my cellular Apple Watch fiasco had me “downgraded” to a non-cellular model for the past several weeks).
But the larger screen on the Apple Watch looks like a huge win. Hopefully it doesn’t ding battery life…
As for the apparent names of the new iPhones… XS. Two things jumped to mind. 1) “Excess” seems both fitting and something you’d want to avoid. 2) “I need you tonight…”
Drinking: an Anderson Valley Chai Solstice 🍻

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