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First Draught
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #113 • View online
I just got back from New York this morning. I go about once a quarter these days. This time, for whatever reason, something really stuck out – in some cases, literally – AirPods.
Yes, they’re everywhere in the Bay Area, but that’s to be expected. This is both tech and Apple’s backyard. You can’t walk through any part of San Francisco without seeing AirPods in peoples’ ears. And if you’re in Soma, I’d bet that some of those folks have back-up pairs just in case they lose them. (This Guy <—— Guilty.)
But New York is a different beast. The tech scene is great, but it’s a small sliver of a massive city. Yet everywhere I went this trip, I saw AirPods. 
Perhaps it was the weather than accentuated them more than normal. Because it was freezing, everyone was bundled up to their ears in coats and scarves. This highlighted said ears. And what was in said ears. 
Anyway, I was just a little surprised because the AirPods are still quite an expensive item (I know this pain perhaps better than most as Megan is now on her third pair). Obviously, iPods were as well, and yet the OG white earbuds became ubiquitous when walking around cities. I guess I’m just surprised at how fast AirPods have become ubiquitous in cities like New York. To me, that speaks to how great they are – and they really are that good. I don’t expect the HomePod to be ubiquitous anytime soon. 
Speaking of, I played around with one in an Apple Store. It did indeed sound great – a feat even more impressive in a cavernous store – but yeah, Siri didn’t have a lot of answers to my queries… I’ll probably get one next week. Because I’m weak. But I’m definitely not dying to do so…
Happy Valentine’s Day, Megan. ❤️
Drinking: a Brooklyn Lager (a beer which they randomly also seem to love in London as well) 🍻

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Well, he *used* to be in NYC...
Well, he *used* to be in NYC...
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