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All the Thanks to Give

First Draught
All the Thanks to Give
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #144 • View online
Hello there. I know I use the “it’s been awhile” thing from time-to-time, but this time it really has been a while. Over two months, in fact! This time, I have a great excuse. The best in the world.
I’m actually still on paternity leave. Dipping in and out of my day-to-day work as needed. But as life starts to stablize a bit — we’re currently in between our insanely ambitious first trip to Ohio/Tennessee and our second even more ambitious trip to London — I thought I’d ease my way back here as well.
My family status isn’t the only thing to change. I’m also trying out a new workflow for this newsletter, as I have obtained the new iPad Pro — the 11”, Space Gray, 256 GB, with cellular, for those wondering. More thoughts on that device soon. But it’s so fast that I think it makes doing this newsletter on it — which I’ve tried from time to time with middling success — quite viable. In fact, I’m typing this right now on it.
I’m also trying a new workflow for the links I share here. Previously, I’ve used both the iOS Notes app as well as Bear to collect what I want to share. Both are good, but not perfect for my workflow. During my time away, I think I stumbled upon some software that is better for this use case — and actually it’s software that I’ve long loved: Day One.
While not explicitly built for note-taking, the mixture of simple, clean, colorful UI and great sharesheet seem to make this a perfect tool for what I wish to do. I’ve been using Day One as it is intended to be used for a while: journaling (specifically, I keep a visual diary with it for my own purposes). I was playing around with expanding that use case to also keep track of my daughter’s moments as she grows up, when this other potential use case dawned on me…
So I’m giving it a go. I’ll report back. For now, just some quick relatively recent links (as you might imagine, I have a huge backlog). Happy Holidays! 🦃🕎🎄
Drinking: a Septem Pilsner 🍻

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