First Draught

By M.G. Siegler

A Home Without HomePod





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First Draught
A Home Without HomePod
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #110 • View online
It’s January 29 – day four of me being able to pre-order a HomePod, but not doing so. This isn’t a first for me overall, but it might be a first for a brand new Apple product. I keep looking at the page, checking to see if it’s still available for shipment/pick-up on February 9 – it is – then I close the page without ordering.
I know that eventually I’m going to break down and get one. Because I like to test new technology products. And I honestly think these days I like to do that because I like to write about testing new technology products. What used to be my job is now just a hobby – but writing continues to help me frame my thoughts on things. And I still consider voice to be an aspect of technology that is at an early, but crucial juncture. And I continue to believe Apple is blowing it with their HomePod strategy.
Again, the fact that I don’t feel the absolute need to get this thing says all I need to know. 
I’ll have more thoughts on this soon, I’m sure. Like perhaps in a few weeks. But maybe not! (But probably.)

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Bethany Bongiorno
8 years ago today i sat behind al gore in the yerba buena center as steve showed the ipad off to the world. in honor of those 8 years, i thought i would share 8 memories from my time working on the "magical device".
Bethany Bongiorno
(1) steve carefully chose the le corbusier chair that was used for the event. there was a sea of LC2 armchairs and each was carried out so he could inspect it in the stage lighting. did it have the right coloring? was there wear in the right places? did it have the right sit?
Do yourself a favor and click the little Twitter bird (or click here) and read the entire Tweetstorm…
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A modern classic...
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