First Draught

By M.G. Siegler

A regular collection of thoughts and things and thoughts on things from around the internet.

A regular collection of thoughts and things and thoughts on things from around the internet.

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Hello, I Must Be Going

As we approach three years of this newsletter in various permutations, it's time to switch things up again. But unlike previous changes, this one will be a little more substantial, as I'm going to be trying out a new newsletter platform as well.Let me first j…


A Muted Return to Deadwood

I guess the most surprising thing about HBO’s recent Deadwood movie was that I didn’t have strong opinions about it. It was good. Solid, even. A nice ending. But Deadwood was one of my favorite shows of all time — and I know I’m not alone there — because it w…


I Got Bugs

I've been running the developer builds of iOS 13 on a backup iPad since day one. Frankly, I'm surprised Apple pushed build 2 out as public beta 1. It's not that it's bad, it's just that it's pretty buggy. Nothing critical that I've noticed just yet, but a lot…


For Now, Links!

Yes, another newsletter this week. On the weekend, no less. I’m continuing to work on the evolution here and should have more to share in the coming weeks. For now, links!Drinking: a Lagunitas Phase Change 🍻


The Unseen Forest

Harry Stevens of Axios published the above chart following the Game of Thrones finale and I was struck by two things:1) The Game of Thrones finale was watched by fewer people than the MacGyver finale.2) How few people watched The Office finale.For point 1, ye…


The Night Before WWDC 2019

Happy WWDC-eve. As is usually the case with Apple these days, it seems like basically everything that will be announced tomorrow has already leaked. This write up by Dieter Bohn would seem to be a good summary of what to expect (with most of the scoops coming…


You Merely Adopted the Dark

Apple's WWDC event is next week and so of course, more leaks. The latest, from 9to5 Mac's Guilherme Rambo, showcase the long-rumored dark mode within iOS 13. I, for one, can't wait for this. Between Pocket/Instapaper, The Economist, and even Twitter, I love h…


Signs of Summer

As we approach the summer, and as such, three years of this little newsletter experiment that I've been running, I'm firmly back in revisiting/rethinking what I'd like to do here.Truth be told, I'm quite happy with how things have gone and grown and the place…


A Game of Pwns

Given how much I've had to say about the last few episodes, several people have been asking me the past couple of days for my thoughts on the Game of Thrones finale. The sad, short answer is that I honestly don't have much to say beyond what I tweeted.WARNING…


Spring Cleaning

Hi all, it has been awhile -- over two weeks, in fact. Just a quick note to say that I'm cooking up some new ideas here -- as always, this remains an experiment/work-in-progress -- that I'd like some feedback on soon. For now, just some links that have been b…


Witchy Woman

Since Revue doesn't seem to allow the videos embedded in tweets to work in-line, I highly recommend you click-through here...


The Camera as the App Launcher

AKA: a bunch of links I had saved over the past many months but haven't gotten around to linking to yet.


No One's Ever Really Gone...

Warning 1: Some old Star Wars spoilers below, but if you're at all up-to-date, they won't be. Mostly just guesses.Warning 2: This gets rather nerdy.I linked to the teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker a couple weeks back, but there was a bit more I wan…


You're Folding It Wrong

I'm a sucker for retro-gaming. And if this video below is even half indicative of what Capcom will ship... wow.The only question is where you actually put this thing. It feels like it needs to be at waist-height to work in full effect. Maybe they should sell …


A Game of Screens

Alongside 17.4 million or so of you, last night, I watched the season premiere of Game of Thrones. The eighth season. The final season. Unsurprisingly, it's crushing records. Which got me thinking...In the lead up to the season, there was a report that the pr…


Plus, Indeed

A few links from this week's truly incredible image of a black hole...


Game Change

At the risk of sounding like a broken cartridge, I think it’s time for Apple to seriously look at buying Nintendo. Yes, I’ve been going on about this for years. (Many have.) And yes, major hurdles remain: namely that Nintendo remains a profitable company with…


A New York State of Mind

Just got back from a quick trip to New York. I had to go see about a deal. Which has happened a few times in the past few months. Which is great. But it also has me thinking more about the ecosystems outside of Silicon Valley.This is nothing new. In fact it's…


It Wasn't Showtime

First off, huge shout-out to Shawn Topp, a reader of this newsletter who was kind enough to send along the logo above after getting sick of seeing the one I created with my rudimentary Photoshop (well, Pixelmator) skills. It's 100% more 80s. And 200% better. …


Apple Unveils the iFawn

I believe I've seen every single Apple event over the past decade-plus. Today's was without question the weirdest I've ever seen. So weird that I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. Twitter is helping me a bit, but jotting some notes down before I read …