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What Game Is Nintendo Playing?

I rag on Nintendo a lot. It's because I love Nintendo and I don't want them to go away. And I certain
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What Game Is Nintendo Playing?
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #77 • View online
I rag on Nintendo a lot. It’s because I love Nintendo and I don’t want them to go away. And I certainly don’t want them to go away by making bad decisions that are entirely avoidable. I criticize because I care. And that will continue.
That said – and, jokes aside – I am extremely excited about the Super Nintendo (SNES) Classic that Nintendo announced this morning. Coming in late September, for $80. I absolutely will buy one – or will reload Amazon until my death, trying. 
The selection of games included with the device looks perfect. And that includes a never-before-released StarFox sequel – which I think is the most brilliant move of all. I really wish Nintendo (and others) would focus more on doing stuff like this: fully embrace retro-gaming by not only re-releasing old classics, but also restoring them, and releasing never-before-seen content, just like Hollywood has used to great effect over the years. 
I’d also love to see entirely new games (alongside new sequels) created in the style of these older games. Video games today are great – some are amazing works of art. But many are also far too complicated, certainly for someone just looking to sit down and casually play something. Smartphone games have filled this gap (though there are obviously complicated smartphone games as well). But I don’t see why this older style can’t be embraced simply because the technology has improved…
Anyway, kudos to Nintendo for pushing forward with SNES Classic after bungling NES Classic. They’re saying they’ll have substantially more inventory available this time around, but are still putting a time-table on the release. I think I’m okay with this if they can meet demand within that timeline – something they could not do with the NES Classic. (And presuming the retro titles are still coming to the Switch next year.)
These limited release bundles aren’t the worst idea in the world if you can skirt the line between excitement and disappointment. The NES Classic landed firmly on the latter. Can Nintendo land the former with the SNES variety? We shall see. 

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