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Twitter's Indecision

In taking a step back, it seems to me that Twitter's two most recent fiascos may be related. First,
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Twitter's Indecision
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #137 • View online
In taking a step back, it seems to me that Twitter’s two most recent fiascos may be related.
First, Twitter decided not to ban Alex Jones. Because he hadn’t violated their rules. Except he had. But that didn’t matter. It was about going forward. And then he did again. And then they didn’t again. Except they sort of did. But not really.
Second, Twitter just cut off access to many APIs vital to third-party developers. They said they were going to do this. Then pushed the date. Then granted exceptions. Also they said they were going to do this years ago. And then did. And then didn’t.
Twitter has to be the most indecisive company on the planet. They only say they’re going to do things in order to showcase that they’re not actually going to do them, on second thought.
In many ways, Twitter is Bizarro Facebook. That company makes strong, definitive decisions. Of late, they’re often the wrong decisions. But still, they pull triggers. And we collectively run for cover.
I’m honestly not sure which approach is worse. Perhaps because I’m also quite indecisive by nature (see: the preceding sentence). I’ll go with Facebook. But I’m not so sure.
The crazy thing is that at least with the API changes, Twitter undoubtedly thinks they’re being decisive. The issue there is that many of us have seen this play out before, in the exact same way, multiple times, over the past decade. Maybe this time is different. But probably not.
Twitter is killing its APIs in order to announce in 6 months that they’re reinstating them. Rinse. Repeat.
I could go on, but I feel like I complain about this too much already. With all of Facebook’s very real troubles, it feels like Twitter had an opportunity to shine. Not as a better Facebook, but as something entirely different. But they can’t seem to do that. Because they can’t seem to decide how to do that. Because they can’t seem to decide much of anything, really.

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