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Twitter No Longer Listless

We're a week into Twitter's most recent redesign. I still like it -- and I'm not seeing that many com
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Twitter No Longer Listless
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #76 • View online
We’re a week into Twitter’s most recent redesign. I still like it – and I’m not seeing that many complaints about it on Twitter (and a lot of praise), which seems unheard of both on the internet in general but also when you happen to be redesigning a tool that makes knee-jerk complaining so easy. So, kudos, Twitter. 
One thing I particularly like about the new iOS version is that the long-neglected Lists feature is much more prominent. While it may not be a bottom tab (it would be awesome to give “power users” the ability choose which tabs you’d like along the bottom – I don’t want/need/use the “Discover” one – as you can with Tweetbot), it is now right there with a swipe to the right. 
I still love Lists. I’ve long believed they’re a highly under-leverage feature of Twitter. Yes, they’re also sort of power-user-y. But they don’t have to be. And in many ways, it feels like they could make Twitter easier to use for many people.
I assume that was part of the reason for lists in the first place – not just to be able to create your own lists, but to lean on power users to put together great lists that others could subscribe to. Unfortunately, this functionality seems to have been hijacked by marketing folks who seem to do nothing but add people to lists all day. At least, that’s all I seem to see when I’m added to a list. 
With a little discovery love (and smarts), I think Lists could be as powerful as they should be. For example, I have a list of local businesses near where I live. I check it from time to time and it has actually been able to surface interesting local events (and news). This is also how I follow and stay up-to-date with all my portfolio companies. I also use a list as a “hack” to make sure I can see all the accounts I have set to send me push notifications from Twitter – since those notifications are often cleared after you open Twitter for the first time in a day.
On the topic of nits: we need to get Lists unburied on the iPad version of the app. They’re still banished to a gear icon dropdown there. Because of course the iPad version can’t work exactly like the iPhone version 😜

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