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The Quiet iPad

Yesterday, Apple ever-so-quietly rolled out a new iPad. Some of the hot takes I saw online noted that
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The Quiet iPad
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #57 • View online
Yesterday, Apple ever-so-quietly rolled out a new iPad. Some of the hot takes I saw online noted that this may mean doom for the iPad or Apple or both. Of course. 
But why on Earth would Apple want to create a bunch of pomp and circumstance for what they unveiled yesterday? It’s simply a slightly upgraded and cheaper core iPad. It seems directly aimed at schools and organizations that don’t need the state of the art. Apple does pomp and circumstance for state of the art, not ho-hum (albeit, probably smart) upgrades to the bottom of the line. 
So where are those other iPads? The sexy new ones? Unclear. Could come next month. Could come next fall. There would seem to be far too much smoke around them for there not to be a fire there. And, presumably, such upgrades would warrant an event of some kind. 
I get the Apple Watch hate (though I still find it largely silly when put in perspective). It’s simply not a great device. But the iPad is a great device. And it’s an insanely great business. Bigger than most businesses, in fact! Yes, the growth is gone, but only because it started out of the gate like no other device before it. And unlike phones, it’s a device that you rarely need to upgrade. Which is also a testament to how well-made the iPad is, by the way. 
Even in its “depressed” state, Apple continues to sell nearly 3x the number of iPads as they do Macs each quarter. And we continue to inch closer to an iPad being able to replace a Mac entirely for many people. Still my dream, one day

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