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Happy 2018. We flew back from the UK yesterday and on the flight back, I attempted to "reset" my Pock
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The Post-Printed Post World
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Happy 2018. We flew back from the UK yesterday and on the flight back, I attempted to “reset” my Pocket. Just as I did last year. Not get to “Pocket Zero”, mind you – I was up to 1,700+ articles saved that I had yet to get to on December 31 – but just go through the remaining ones and filter the must-reads from the time-has-passeds (while reading what I could along the way).
10 hours later, my list of 1,700 was down to about 1,400. Yikes.
I may declare “Pocket Bankruptcy” and simply start anew in 2018. But I know I have so many gems in there that I’d hate to just archive. So instead I’ll probably go through as many as I can each day throughout this month, manually whittling things down (while, of course, still saving new things to read).
Part of me – a big part – thinks such work isn’t worth it. Why not just let the list get ever bigger and get to what you get to? The issue is two-fold. First, those saved article lists get quite large, space-wise. Several gigabytes, in fact. Second, if Pocket was better at serving up content beyond simply the most-recently saved, this would make more sense. I know they’re working on this – some of the stuff in the beta version of the app is quite interesting. But it’s not quite where it needs to be. And so I whittle.
 One thing I’m doing this year to try to avoid this issue at the end of the year is using tags to categorize what I save. I find it easier to say, plow through a bunch of articles about Amazon, versus trying to read an article about Amazon, then one about Bitcoin, then one about the Browns. The context switching leaves me weary.
Fittingly, all my links today – still playing catch-up – share a theme…
Drinking: a Sierra Nevada 2017 Celebration IPA (gotta clear these out as well!) 🍻

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