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The iMessage App Abomination

Fairly recently, I decided to give up on Facebook Messenger -- the ads inserted into my conversation
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The iMessage App Abomination
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #130 • View online
Fairly recently, I decided to give up on Facebook Messenger – the ads inserted into my conversation list were the last straw – moving all my personal communication with friends and family back to iMessage. It’s great aside from the fact that the “app” aspect of the service is one of the worst abominations in the history of software.
I’m exaggerating, but only slightly. I just can’t imagine who designed this thing thinking it was user friendly. The app “drawer” is one of the most poorly designed bits of UI that I can recall seeing – certainly in a massively used product. It’s constantly infuriating me and I know I’m not the only one.
Compounding the dumbfounding is that there are plenty of examples for how to do this type of thing right. Take Facebook Messenger for example! While there are other issues with that product, there’s no question that the UI around stickers and apps is well done. Just copy that Apple, please. 
On the topic, I continue to think it’s misguided to allow developers to charge for these “apps”. The quotations are intentional here. I think it’s fine if you want to have promotional stickers, but you shouldn’t have to pay $1.99 to use stickers for something like Ant-Man and the Waspthese are promotions, you’re sending little ads every time you send one. And you’re paying for that privilege?!
It’s basically Apple getting into the ring tone business. And in some ways, it feels even more spammy and scammy. I’m surprised Apple is okay with nickel-and-diming their customers this way. 
Set those apps free, Apple. But in UI and in price. 
Drinking: a Bell’s Oberon – yes, a Michigan beer all the way out here in Los Angeles 🍻

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