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The F8 of Facebook

Because I was traveling last week, I largely missed all the announcements out of Facebook's F8 confer
First Draught
The F8 of Facebook
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #65 • View online
Because I was traveling last week, I largely missed all the announcements out of Facebook’s F8 conference. But it seems like I didn’t miss much.
Reading things over after-the-fact, count me in with Ben Thompson: uninspiring and worse, derivative. This has not been my stance of previous F8s – like seven years ago when I wrote that after that year’s keynote, I think Facebook Just Seized Control of the Internet. A couple years ago, the Facebook Federation
This year? Meh. 
Facebook is an execution machine. The company mints money and continues to grow despite running out of people in the world. It’s astounding – especially in contrast to their former peer, Twitter. But sometimes they seem to get sidetracked by shiny, new things. HTML5. Facebook Home. Live. Etc. And now copying all-things-Snap at all costs
As Thompson notes, they’re becoming Microsoft. After years of domination, Microsoft got complacent and boring. Facebook isn’t there yet – big bets are still being placed. But this is the first F8 I recall that was decidedly unimpressive. 
But it may not matter because the company continues to acquire so well. History may well prove that buying Instagram was the smartest thing they ever did. It was a Google-buying-YouTube move. Both deals, of course, were derided at the time of purchase. Now both are absolutely genius in hindsight. 

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