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The End of Inbox

Well, the Cleveland Browns just won their first game since 2016. As tempted as I am to write about th
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The End of Inbox
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #142 • View online
Well, the Cleveland Browns just won their first game since 2016. As tempted as I am to write about that, I won’t get carried away by one victory at home against Captain Interception. But Baker Mayfield did look great… 🎉🔶🏈
Perhaps more relevant for this audience, I had a busy week last week and it was nearly impossible to catch up on anything announced beyond the Apple stuff. So I nearly missed something I actually do care about quite a bit: Google is killing Inbox, their experimental email product.
I use Inbox every single day. Once Mailbox went away, it became my go-to client for email triage. I recognize that Google has moved some of the features over to Gmail itself, but it’s just not the same. So yeah, that’s pretty disappointing.
I was hoping Inbox would end up as the sandbox for Google to try out new, outlandish ideas for email. Instead, it ended up being just some weird transitionary product as they revamped the core Gmail product. I like aspects of the new Gmail – the sidebar in particular I find useful. But I also find it far too cumbersome and slow. And I honestly cannot stand the ads. I would pay quite a bit of money to remove them. (Inbox didn’t have the ads.)
And so I’m sad that another email product I actually liked and used is going away. But I’m even more annoyed that I’m going to have to rejigger my workflow once again. And I’m honestly confused by Google’s maneuver here. Again, I understand that Gmail is the core product, but it makes a lot of sense to me to have a testbed for power users and/or new features. If they didn’t want the distraction, why create it in the first place? 🤬
Drinking: a Fort Point Nitro Summer Porter (new! very good!) 🍻

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