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Hello from New York City. First trip of the year. It's cold as hell. And yet, this weekend, they're s
First Draught
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #45 • View online
Hello from New York City. First trip of the year. It’s cold as hell. And yet, this weekend, they’re saying it will be 60 degrees. Having grown up in a similar climate (Northeast Ohio), I can’t say I miss this type of schizophrenic weather. Part of me does miss the transition from winter to spring and the move from summer to fall. The first snowfall of the year…
Don’t get me wrong, living in a place that’s always between 60-80 degrees is great – really great – but it can get monotonous. And I find it sometimes alters my perception of time passing…
But it’s the gradual seasonality shifts I miss. Not this insanity. 

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