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Quick Switch Thoughts

A small miracle happened last week (despite Nintendo's worst efforts): Amazon received a new shipment
First Draught
Quick Switch Thoughts
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #59 • View online
A small miracle happened last week (despite Nintendo’s worst efforts): Amazon received a new shipment of the Switch. And I was able to snag one. It arrived on Monday, so I haven’t had much time with it, but wanted to post some quick first-impressions.
  • The packaging is rather ho-hum. The outer box is fine, but the inner packaging is a very plain cardboard. And a lot of plastic bags. It almost feels prototype-y. It’s just not like unboxing an Apple product. Can’t recall if it was better when I was a kid :)
  • At least it comes with an HDMI cable. Thanks, Nintendo. 
  • The Switch itself is much smaller than I imagined. It’s almost the size of an iPhone 7 Plus, just a bit bigger. But it’s also far bulkier. And yes, feels a lot more plastic-y. It’s not bad, but also not great. Of course, it also costs $300, not $700+.
  • One thing that’s not great: there’s a fan at the top of the device. It’s not loud, but if you put your ear up to it, you can hear it and feel it. Again, not too sexy for hardware in 2017.
  • The instructions to set everything up are on the box. Which is nice, but also took me a few minutes to figure out. Maybe no manuals plus the simple cardboard inside are a way to be more environmentally friendly?
  • Set up itself was easy. There’s a walk-through on-screen which is simple. When you slide the “Joy-Con” controllers into the side of the Switch it makes the “click” sound that Nintendo is using for marketing the Switch. It’s a nice touch. 
  • The game cartridges are ridiculous. They’re memory-card sized but come in a box 10x the size of one. And no manual. Also, how is the Zelda cartridge not gold, like the original NES version? Total missed opportunity. 
  • I actually had no idea you could just download the games from the Switch store on the device. My bad. I would have done that.
  • The kickstand on the back of the Switch (under which you can also insert an expansion memory card) is janky as hell. It’s not sturdy at all. Just feels like a cheap afterthought. 
  • The Joy-Cons themselves are pretty good. I like them when attached to the screen. I haven’t yet tried them with the controller attachment. When used with the game 1-2-Switch, they’re fine. A little buggy, but generally work as promised.
  • 1-2-Switch is pretty lame. Wii Sports wasn’t great, but it was far better. A huge percentage of the games in 1-2-Switch seem far better in concept than in practice. Nintendo clearly wanted a game to showcase the Joy-Cons and the concept of eye-contact gaming. It mostly fails. 
  • But Zelda: Breath of the Wild is fantastic. I’ve only played for like an hour. But it lives up to my own hype (which was massive). It’s a beautiful game that’s intuitive to play.
Well, that was a bit longer than anticipated. But yeah, a lot of thoughts. Overall, so far I’d say Zelda makes the Switch worth it, but I’m worried there won’t be many other titles that will. Mario Kart (coming next month) should be fun. And the next actual Mario game looks great. Beyond that? More thoughts soon.

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