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Punch Out

Hello from San Sebastian, Spain where vacation continues. It's an overcast morning here, but I welcom
First Draught
Punch Out
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #93 • View online
Hello from San Sebastian, Spain where vacation continues. It’s an overcast morning here, but I welcome it, as I can use a break from the sun. Plus it gives me literal cover to sit inside (still looking at the beach!) and write. 
Also catching up on last night’s Mayweather/McGregor fight. The result was hardly surprising, but the length of the fight was. Not bad for a person in their first boxing match against maybe the greatest boxer of all time (albeit one who is now 40 years old). 
Obviously, I didn’t watch the fight because it was on in the middle of the night here. Plus I wasn’t about to pay $100 for it (if I even could overseas) on cable. That’s another relic of the television era that will undoubtedly be shifting as well. Presumably, these types of events will go more directly to fans. Of course, only if they can get their systems working – apparently the entire fight was delayed due to the PPV system being down. 🤕🥊
Meanwhile, many folks watched it just fine, for free, on Periscope. Clearly, this wasn’t legal but content – especially overpriced, hard to access content – uh, finds a way.

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