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Like seemingly most of the internet (well, some sub-section of the tech-centric internet, at least) I
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Preppy Preppers
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Like seemingly most of the internet (well, some sub-section of the tech-centric internet, at least) I spent yesterday reading this looooong New Yorker piece by Evan Osnos about “Preppers” – people “prepping” for the end of times. While there are a number of fascinating parts, the whole thing is unfortunately wrapped in Silicon Valley bullshit, as I tweeted yesterday
It just reads like the author wanted to kick things off by talking to some people in Silicon Valley who would spout some batshit crazy nonsense about end-of-the-world prep amongst the tech-savvy wealthy. Undoubtedly there’s some truth to some of this, but it also reads as a ridiculous characterization of the overall mentality of the area. Many people here are crazy – and plenty in a good way, which has some good side effects in terms of creating interesting products and companies. But most people are not as crazy and paranoid as that story would have you believe. 
For a more nuanced – not to mention, thankfully shorter – take on the movement, I’d recommend this BuzzFeed post by William Alden. The good news here is that I’m not sure anyone who might be inclined to “rise up” against the insane people of Silicon Valley after reading such a story, actually read The New Yorker.

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