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Nintendo Cardboard

I simply said I was confused. And I was. Because Nintendo's big surprise reveal last week was a... ca
First Draught
Nintendo Cardboard
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #109 • View online
I simply said I was confused. And I was. Because Nintendo’s big surprise reveal last week was a… cardboard DIY kit thing. But this being Nintendo, even such a positively neutral response caused a negative reaction. 
Those confused by Nintendo Labo were simply wrong, you see. We didn’t get it because we’re old. Fair enough, I guess?
Anyway, I said I’d reserve judgement until I learned more. And thanks to this Verge piece, I was able to learn a bit more. To quickly recap: it sounds promising. Very promising, even.
Based solely on the video preview, I was worried the reliance on cardboard would lead to a product that was at best cheap and gimmicky and at worst tedious and inaccurate. But the early indications would seem to largely allay such fears. And yes, for kids, this does seem to make sense – with the added nice touch of an instructional cartridge being included so a parent can help a kid along their DIY journey. 
The fishing rod Labo in particular tickles my nostalgia. I grew up with the NES Zapper, and while it was only really great for one game – Duck Hunt – I loved that thing. I also had the Power Glove, which was really great for no games – even though we all really wanted it to be great for Punch Out. Still, I loved that thing.
This hearkens back to those, while adding the element of building. That’s pretty cool. And at $70 (or $80 for the robot kit), it better be. For now, well played, Nintendo. Again
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First Look at Nintendo Labo
First Look at Nintendo Labo
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