Making My Way Back To Cleveland

Hello from 35,000 feet once again. Today, I find myself en route to Cleveland, Ohio to watch Game 3 o
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The Happy Hour
Hello from 35,000 feet once again. Today, I find myself en route to Cleveland, Ohio to watch Game 3 of Warriors v. Cavs III. I grew up in Cleveland but have lived the past decade in the Bay Area, so I’m conflicted, to say the least. But I love this rivalry, and I’d love to see it actually be an interesting series, so regardless, I’d definitely be rooting for the Cavs tonight. And when my dad called with tickets, it was basically impossible to turn down a quick 24-hour trip. 
As you’ll notice below, no WWDC-related links just yet. I’m still trying to go through those. There’s way too much noise immediately following the event. So I’m trying to filter through to the best stories about what Apple launched. I also, of course, posted my own quick thoughts (in so far as 2,000+ words can be “quick”) based on my notes while watching the event. 
More to come. Go Cavs (tonight, at least – come on, we all want this to be another epic series)!

5ish Links
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"Execution matters. There is no innovation without execution."
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"The image in the mind's eye changes."
Quickish Hits
Americans Don’t Need Washington to Meet our Paris Commitment
Skype Totally Hip Too: Adds Stories
500ish Words
The Falling Apple, Revisited
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