M.G. Siegler - Issue #7

Yesterday, it was iPhone 7 reviews. Today, it was Apple Watch Series 2 reviews. And that response see
M.G. Siegler
M.G. Siegler - Issue #7
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #7
Yesterday, it was iPhone 7 reviews. Today, it was Apple Watch Series 2 reviews. And that response seemed more subdued. This was hardly a surprise given just how lackluster most found the first Apple Watch to be. And the only real differences here are GPS (running) and waterproofing (swimming). Smart moves, but won’t move the needle much in terms of the mainstream usage – at least not yet. 
Yes, I’m still going to get one. It’s a device I use every single day and this is the faster version of that device. But unlike with the iPhone, I doubt it will be worth it for most people – but I’ll reserve full judgement until I actually use the thing for an extended period of time. (I have tried it, and yes, it’s faster. But I’m not entirely sure how much is simply a result of watchOS 3, which is so much faster than watchOS 1 and 2.)
Anyway, still tweaking stuff here, but had some links to get out.

5ish Links
So is the Bolt the IBM PC? That’s basically the narrative here:
“It’s a delicious irony: Cocky billionaire makes grand promises in a blog post. Ten years later, he gets his wish, in the worst way.”
But it feels a bit premature and silly to rule out a person and a company that has a track record of thinking a step ahead – or a few…
It’s such a great idea to install kiosks with free wi-fi in NYC, they said.
“These kiosks are often monopolized by individuals creating personal spaces for themselves, engaging in activities that include playing loud explicit music, consuming drugs and alcohol, and the viewing of pornography,” Mr. Johnson wrote in a letter last month to officials of the city and LinkNYC.
If this isn’t the story of our times, I don’t know what is…
Basically agree with all of this:
“Still, if the AirPods work anywhere near as well as Apple claims, that’s not an incremental improvement over Bluetooth. It’s the difference between wireless earphones that suck and ones that don’t.
The second big distinction between AirPods and Bluetooth headphones is even more important. The AirPods aren’t just headphones, any more than the first iPhone was just a phone. Between the speaker, embedded microphone, W1 processor, and a bevy of sensor arrays, these earpieces amount to a wearable computer in their own right.”
Every indication I’ve heard is that they do work as well as advertised. And people are surprised because they’re used to Bluetooth earphones. And Bluetooth earphones suck.
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