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M.G. Siegler - Issue #50

Hello from Montana. Big Sky Country. Which seems apt. This is my first time here and it does seem bot
First Draught
M.G. Siegler - Issue #50
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #50 • View online
Hello from Montana. Big Sky Country. Which seems apt. This is my first time here and it does seem both massive and beautiful. Easy to forget just how much space we have in the United States. Montana reminds you of that pretty quickly. 
Couple other things. First, I actually tried to send this out on Monday/Tuesday, but AWS (and later, travel) had other ideas. And I was planning to mention the absolutely insanity of The Academy Awards – still can’t believe the Best Picture fiasco actually happened – and take credit for correctly predicting the Moonlight upset :)
Last thing: this is issue #50! Thanks to all who have subscribed so far. Some of you earlier subscribers will recall that I started out doing this very much as an experiment, just as much to learn about the newsletter space – learn by doing. And I wasn’t sure it would last into 2017. But I honestly enjoy how different this is from writing more straightforward posts. 
To that end, I’ve been thinking about switching up the branding a bit. While “Cold Takes” is a fun play on “Hot Takes,” I’ve noticed I often enjoy simply linking to great, thought-provoking pieces as much as writing my own commentary on them. Sometimes, I just don’t have much of a take other than “read this.” So I was thinking simply calling it “5ish Links” was in a way more appropriate (and more on-brand with 500ish Words). Anyway, enough of the sausage making, on to the sausage eating. 

5ish Links
Oscars Disaster Casts Unwanted Spotlight
Behind the IPO Spectacle: 5 Communications Lessons Learned the Hard Way
Nokia's Decidedly Retro 3310
Why Patagonia's advertising asks customers to think twice before buying its products
Twitterrific for Mac
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