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Logan's Run

I saw Logan and Kong: Skull Island this past weekend. Both were good fun in different ways. But where
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Logan's Run
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #54 • View online
I saw Logan and Kong: Skull Island this past weekend. Both were good fun in different ways. But whereas Kong will ultimately be disposable, I think Logan was far more interesting. 
I’ve always thought it was a mistake for filmmakers/studios (because it’s often the studios directing such decisions) to focus on trying to please everyone with a franchise movie, versus simply making it a good movie. As the saying goes, by trying to please everyone, you often please no one. But by trying to make a good movie, sometimes – just sometimes, mind you – you actually make a good movie.
I think Logan falls into that latter camp. 
Taking a step back, Logan isn’t just a good X-Men movie, or a good superhero movie, it’s a good movie, period. It has compelling characters, a good story arc, etc. It’s a little long, and very violent. But it works. And it just so happens to have Marvel mutants as the main characters. 
I’m reminded of Casino Royale (the 2006 version, not the 1967 spoof) and The Dark Knight. Both were also franchise movies. But both also stand the test of time because they’re good movies, period. More of this please, Hollywood. 

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