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Living Dangerously with iOS 12

I did something potentially reckless last night. I installed the iOS 12 beta -- yes, the first public
First Draught
Living Dangerously with iOS 12
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #128 • View online
I did something potentially reckless last night. I installed the iOS 12 beta – yes, the first public beta – on my main iPhone. 
I had been running the developer betas on a backup device for a couple weeks and honestly, even the first iteration there felt solid. In some cases, it felt faster than iOS 11 (which is one of the core points Apple is selling, especially for older devices). That mixed with the fact that my iPhone X, barely six months old, has been running like crap recently. I think I can largely blame iOS 11 for this, which has seemed like a fairly buggy OS cycle, but I’m getting close to chalking it up the new iPhones approaching as well. 😜
Anyway, yeah, I installed a very early beta build on the device I use most frequently. This is risky business. But so far, so good. I wouldn’t recommend doing this – who knows, maybe public beta 2 will bork everything – but these iterations certainly feel more polished than the early betas of iOS have in the past.  
Plus, Memoji! And Screen Time!
By the way, I decided to make this jump right before I set out on two weeks of travel for work. Wish me luck. Hello from Boulder, Colorado where it’s… really hot. Like 100-degrees hot. As such, drinking a nice, cold 8 Second Kolsch. 🍻

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On a Much Lighter Note...
I very much enjoyed this sit down with Andy Hertzfeld:
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