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As we approach issue 150 (this is 149!), trying something slightly different. Well, really a combinat
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Links & Takes
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #149 • View online
As we approach issue 150 (this is 149!), trying something slightly different. Well, really a combination of a few older ideas. Below this preamble – boringly meta tonight, I’m sorry – you’ll find 5-ish links with a quick summary/commentary. Below that, a couple links on a more focused topic (in this case, Paul Allen). And below that “cold takes” on a few more news-y items.
At various points in the past few years, this newsletter has been called (and built around) 5-ish links and “cold takes” (as opposed to hot takes). So I’m bringing it all back together. One thing I think this solves for: I often have things I want to link to, but because I don’t always have a long excerpt to share, they often feel lost in the mix. Or there may be a link to a simple website (as opposed to a piece of content) and it’s the same issue. So separating links (things I think you should definitely click on) from commentary (things I think you might want to click on if you agree/disagree with my thoughts on the topic) seems to make sense to me.
Thoughts, as always, are welcomed.

5ish Links
A Nickelback Music Video in Animoji
Paul Allen
I was on paternity leave when Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen passed away last October, but wanted to share a couple of my favorite pieces on his life and impact.
Paul Allen, Seahawks, Trail Blazers owner, dies at 65
"This is happening without us!"
Cold Takes
What Amazon’s Rise to No. 1 Says About the Stock Market
May Your City Never Become San Francisco, New York or Seattle
Netflix Revives 'Designated Survivor'
Andy Murray to Retire From Tennis This Season, Citing Constant Hip Pain
500ish Words
My 2018 Homescreen
The Truly Viral Movie is Here
A Giphy To Go
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