Hello From My iPad... No, Wait

So, here's a first. Trying to edit a newsletter issue entirely on my iPad. Let's see how this goes...
February 23 - Issue #47 - View online
The Happy Hour
So, here’s a first. Trying to edit a newsletter issue entirely on my iPad. Let’s see how this goes…
Even this many years into the iPad’s existence, I still feel like I can’t travel with it as my only “computer” (beyond the iPhone, of course) because there are still a few edge cases where I need the full-blown laptop to do something. Publishing tends to be one of them. While Medium is close to feature parity with publishing on the web versus via their mobile app, it’s not 100%. 
I suspect trying to publish this newsletter will be even more problematic (though I am using the web on the iPad, of course) because of all the various JavaScript bells and whistles. Speaking of, just noticed a glitch, stand by…
Update: Hello from my trusty old MacBook. Sure enough, a few things didn’t work – namely, trying to indent blocks of text for quotes. Also, moving any of the content around (which is drag-and-drop on the desktop) was a no-go. And overall, it was still just a much slower process to try to do this that way. 
One day. One day…

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