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Fit for an AirPod

I'm pretty sure there's no technology product I've been asked about as much as the AirPods. Now, gran
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Fit for an AirPod
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #48 • View online
I’m pretty sure there’s no technology product I’ve been asked about as much as the AirPods. Now, granted, they’re giant white things that stick out of your ears. They’re pretty noticeable. Still, based on my anecdotal evidence, consumer interest is through the roof. Everyone from baristas to Uber drivers are well aware of what they are and want to know how well they work.
I got these types of questions for a while with the Apple Watch. The difference here is that the product, in my view, is an absolute no-brainer for most people to buy (if within budget, of course). The same was not (and still is not) true with Apple Watch.
That said, the top question I get beyond the generic “how well do they work?” is about their fit – and I sadly can’t help you there. They fit my ears perfectly. Megan wears them while running and she loves them – they never fall out. But I realize everyone’s ears are different. And I’m not going to let you try mine on :)

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