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So, I love Game of Thrones. As such, I very much enjoy The Ringer's Game of Thrones aftershow called
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The Happy Hour
So, I love Game of Thrones. As such, I very much enjoy The Ringer’s Game of Thrones aftershow called Talk the Thrones. And yet I find it nearly impossible to watch each week after I watch Game of Thrones. Because Twitter gonna Twitter.
You see, each week after watching the show, I open Twitter to get the latest chatter. I keep hoping #TalkTheThrones will be right there for me to watch – this show runs exclusively on Twitter, after all – but, alas. Because I watch the show a few hours after it airs, I’m often shit out of luck. Instead, I’m left searching for the show on Twitter. But that doesn’t really work. Even “Game of Thrones” never produces the result I want. And so I have to remember exactly who produces the show and/or the right Twitter handles that have hopefully pinned the tweet with the show embed.
Twitter knows I love Game of Thrones. It need look no further than my tweet stream for all the signal they need. They should serve this up to me. Instead, it’s a scavenger hunt to find what I want. And even I often lose interest before I get there.
Related: Twitter is surprised each quarter that normal people aren’t signing up for and/or using their service.
I continue to be fascinating that what Facebook is so good at, Twitter is so bad at – and vice versa! But Twitter doesn’t have to be this bad at this. It’s so obvious. What am I missing?
Meanwhile, searching on Google, works just fine. Of course. 🙄

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