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Draught Draft

"Change is the only constant." For someone who is as much of a creature of habit as I am, you'd think
First Draught
Draught Draft
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #136 • View online
“Change is the only constant.” For someone who is as much of a creature of habit as I am, you’d think I wouldn’t agree with the famous Heraclitus quote. But online, I’m constantly evolving. And especially since this newsletter remains in the “experiment” phase – as we approach the two year anniversary – I’m okay with switching things up. And so I am again.
Gone is “The Happy Hour” moniker. In its place, a pun – for shame, I know. But I like it, at least for now. And I think it works, at least for now. “First Draught” – yes, “draught” like the beer terminology spelling, but also the British spelling of the word us Americans know as “draft”. Which led me to the pun which merges the beer angle here with how I’ve ended up using this space: as a first draft of what I want to write about.
Those who have been following my writing online for a while will know that I’m constantly trying to come up with “hacks” to get me to write more. One recent epiphany has been this newsletter, where because I aim to keep things casual, I’ll start writing about a thought, and then I’ll keep going. Sometimes, there’s something here. Often times, not. But every once in a while, there’s an interesting idea which I can expand upon. Since I do aim to keep this short – even shorter than 500ish words.
Anyway, that’s too many words of expository. But I think this branding makes sense for what I’m using this space for – a quick thought, which I may expand upon later, and a bunch of links to things you’ll hopefully find interesting. As always, thanks for reading.
(Also, thanks to Patrick Fore for the image in the header.)
Drinking: a Fort Point Galaxy Park …on draught 🍻

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