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Cold Takes: Water the Vine

I figured I'd spend some time today on a few quick thoughts on two bigger things that happened yester
First Draught
Cold Takes: Water the Vine
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #23 • View online
I figured I’d spend some time today on a few quick thoughts on two bigger things that happened yesterday. More writing, fewer links. Let’s see how this works…

Dying on the Vine
First, Twitter shut down Vine. This sucks, full stop. As someone who was a seed investor in the company, to say it has been a rollercoaster ride is an understatement. I recall it as one of the more fun experiences in beta testing a product pre-launch, and some folks at Twitter clearly agreed, as they ended up acquiring the company before it launched. Obviously, this is always bittersweet (see also: Periscope), but it was amazing to see Vine flourish with the power of Twitter behind it in those early years.
And then. Twitter’s management kept changing. Key people started leaving Vine. New management came in. Vine was seemingly emphasized, de-emphasized, emphasized again. At various points it was a fad, silly, a new art form, the next YouTube, the future of video. And now dead. My head is still spinning with regard to how badly Twitter fucked up this opportunity here. At the same time, I know they have more pressing concerns…
Anyway, I’ll leave you with this: last night on SportsCenter – SportsCenter! – Scott Van Pelt gave what I thought was a fitting eulogy for Vine. The fact that this was front-and-center on the most prominent sports show in the world is still amazing to me. I remember version 0.1. Just a few years later, it had entered regular rotation in ESPN’s world. And then Twitter killed it. The mind boggles. Time for you to step up, Giphy.
Apple's MacBook Event
Sadly, I was only able to watch the event yesterday while doing about a hundred other things, so I didn’t feel like I paid the full attention to the event that I usually get to. So probably nothing too insightful here. And yet, I’ll keep talking anyway.
The new Apple TV “TV” app seems nicer, but also just another step towards where this is all inevitably heading. Still so many apps to download to make this world pretty well. But not fully well. If it includes Netflix, this will be much more interesting. But it doesn’t seem like it’s going to include Netflix… So… The baby steps continue!
The new MacBook Pro looks great. It makes sense to me. How do you include a touch screen on a computer without making it a touch screen computer? Like this. And while some people wonder if this isn’t step one towards a touchscreen MacBook, I sort of wonder if it’s not step one towards a MacBook with a fully multi-touch keyboard area… Crazy? Maybe. Maybe not…
More thoughts when I have time to digest it all.
Best. Use case. Ever.
Best. Use case. Ever.
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Just did it.
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