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Cold Takes: Uber Uber

Four days into using the iPhone 7. Not the Plus, the 7. The Black one. Not Jet Black, Black. Long sto
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Cold Takes: Uber Uber
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #8 • View online
Four days into using the iPhone 7. Not the Plus, the 7. The Black one. Not Jet Black, Black. Long story short, apparently placing an order at 12:07am on pre-order day wasn’t fast enough to get a 7 Plus Jet Black. It’s coming later this week, but I opted to try out the other Black and the smaller size (available on day one) just to see if I’ve changed my mind. (Yes, I’m crazy in this way – but I can return the one I don’t want!)
It’s early, but my quick (hot) take. 
After two years using the Plus-sized iPhones, the “regular” one feels tiny. In a good way, I think. But still, almost comically small compared to the Plus. (So I can’t even imagine what the SE is like…) It has both great weight and feel in the hand, but I miss the larger screen, mainly when reading. Battery hasn’t been an issue so far. But again, it’s early…
On the flip side, I’m pretty certain I’m going to like the “regular” Black as opposed to the Jet Black. I’ve seen both in person now, and while I don’t really care about the scratches (sorry, micro-abrasions), I do care about the smudges. They drive me crazy on the front of the phone as well. I really like the way the matte Black looks. And feels. But I’ll give Jet Black a few days…
…then I may end up returning both of them for a (matte) Black iPhone 7 Plus…

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Hi there. Thanks for getting to the end of this. As you may have noticed (“Issue #8”), I’ve been playing around with this for a bit. And now I think I’m finally ready to open this up to a few more folks. So if you’re interested, feel free to subscribe. No promises where this will go. Perhaps nowhere. But as some of you may know, I’ve been thinking about the inbox as a hot-again distribution method and am intrigued by how it creates a bond…
I plan to post this both regularly. And I plan for this to be very informal. 
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