Cold Takes: Like 500ish Notes But Bluer

As promised, finally getting around to trying out a few new things. First and foremost, using the mgs
M.G. Siegler
Cold Takes: Like 500ish Notes But Bluer
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #5
As promised, finally getting around to trying out a few new things. First and foremost, using the domain – with the subdomain “cold” for now. Also updated the title and the header image, obviously.
Still a few things to iron out. But wanted to keep the momentum by publishing a new one again. Especially since the links are backing up…

5ish Links
So many amazing, terrifying, and poignant parts in this excellent tick-tock of what happened with those closest to President Bush at the time of the 9/11 attacks 15 years ago.
Director Michael Mann, actors Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Amy Brenneman, Val Kilmer, Diane Venora, and Mykelti Williamson, producers Pieter Jan Brugge and Art Linson, cinematographer Dante Spinotti, film editor William Goldenberg and sound re-recording mixer Andy Nelson were all on stage to talk about Mann’s 1995 classic film Heat, one of my favorite – if my absolute favorite – movies. And who interviewed them on stage? Christopher Nolan, as it’s also one of his favorites. 

Best line goes to Kilmer: “The most fun I had doing ‘Batman’ was preparing for 'Heat’.”
A lot of cities seem to reluctantly think about and work with Uber. Not Pittsburgh. 
As always, lots of good stuff in here from Gruber. One tidbit I hadn’t fully realized:
“Also, consider this: the iPhone 7 (and probably 6S too) will be the most powerful computing hardware any Nintendo game has ever run on.”
For any sporting field that’s not green, you need to get Boise State’s approval to use it. Insane.
500ish Words
My own thoughts on the iPhone 7 event.
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