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A two-day break this time, my apologies. Busy times. So busy, in fact, that I haven't even had time t
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The Happy Hour
A two-day break this time, my apologies. Busy times. 
So busy, in fact, that I haven’t even had time to catch up on all the new Google hardware goodness announced this week. Though, scanning things quickly, I will say I’m pleasantly surprised at just how positive the early buzz is – about the Pixel phones in particular. 
I’ve had a Nexus 5X as a test device for about a year now. And it’s solid. By far the best Android device I’ve ever used – which, I know you could say about every new iteration of almost any product, but this felt like a different kind of leap – and the Pixel seems to be that much better still, by most (hot) takes I’ve come across so far.
And the main reason would seem to be the camera. Which is not a surprise – well, it’s a surprise that it’s apparently so good, but not that this is the main reason people are loving the Pixel phones. Not only is having a great camera on a smartphone table stakes these days, anything less than the quality of the past few iPhones is a massive win for Apple. And the chatter suggests this new Pixel camera is at least on par with the just-released iPhones 7 cameras – if not better in some regard. Crazy. Will definitely have to test it out. 
Well, and actually read more about it, first – when I have a moment :)

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