Cold Takes: A Worse World

Well, I tried to send this yesterday. Unfortunately, half of the internet seems to have been out for
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The Happy Hour
Well, I tried to send this yesterday. Unfortunately, half of the internet seems to have been out for half of the day. And notably, that included Twitter. Which means we had no way to check what was going on and more importantly, no way to bitch about it. 
Seriously though, it had been a while since a major Twitter outage (and this of course wasn’t their fault). And given all the recent talk of Twitter’s potential demise, it’s times like this that showcase just how important it is to many of us. 
Without Twitter, many of us could and presumably would try to use Facebook to fill the void. But it would not be the same. Yes, both have small text boxes in which you can write short blurbs (or long ones!). But it’s just not the same at all. And yesterday was a prime example. I went over to Facebook (which stayed up) when Twitter was down and it was all pictures that friends had posted the day before or videos from various media entities and brands. That’s fine at times. But not when I want real time information. A world without Twitter would just be a worse world. 
Anyway, that’s why I’m writing to you on a Saturday! (Also I love the notion of writing issue #22 on the 22nd of the month. Like Bon Iver, 22 is my lucky number)

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