Cold Takes: A Case of the Fridays

Happy Friday. Getting this out a little bit earlier today. But still not early enough, undoubtedly. F
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The Happy Hour
Happy Friday. Getting this out a little bit earlier today. But still not early enough, undoubtedly. 
Fridays have always been a bit of an enigma when it comes to posting on the internet. On one hand, everyone seems to peace out early – or at the very least is actually doing work to end the week, so most publications’ traffic plummets around 1pm or 2pm local time (which means San Francisco bloggers don’t have much time to get news up before New York is gone). On the other hand, so many companies use Friday to dump bad news, and said bad news is often newsworthy. So it’s not a completely dead day.
Not sure where I’m going with this. But it’s something I think about every Friday if I’m considering writing. Get it out early. Or save it till Saturday. 

5ish Links
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Netflix Targeting 50% of Content to Be Original Programming
Twitter for Sale! Twitter for Sale!
Have a Good Weekend
See everyone in your inbox next week. Also, thanks to everyone who reported the HTML tags that creeped into the update yesterday. Blame the dark arts that is copy & paste. ✌️
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