Hello from Southern California where the Code Conference just wrapped. In general, I'm wary of tech c
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The Happy Hour
Hello from Southern California where the Code Conference just wrapped. In general, I’m wary of tech conferences – hardly surprising given that I’ve been going to them for over a decade now – but there are a handful I still enjoy, Code being one. 
Most conferences, of course, are boondoggles. You learn this pretty quickly after going to a handful. The good ones boil down to either a well curated attendee list, well curated content, or both. But very few offer either, let alone both. But it’s also hard to know that for sure without going to them first since, while word-of-mouth helps, the strength of audience and content are fairly subjective and depend on what you’re looking for, of course. 
And, increasingly, content from conferences makes its way online – often now in real time. Many of the talks at Code were broadcast live on Periscope and YouTube, for example. This is great, because while Code is one of the few solid conferences, it’s both expensive and hard to get into. 
Anyway, was just thinking about this while Code wrapped since I often get the question: which conferences are worth going to? It’s not a simple thing to answer, but I know the answer is very few of them. So kudos to Code for being solid year after year. 

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