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Chrome Sweet Chrome (Not)

There are reasons. I know there are reasons. But I can't for the life of me figure out why the Chrome
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Chrome Sweet Chrome (Not)
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #115 • View online
There are reasons. I know there are reasons. But I can’t for the life of me figure out why the Chrome team doesn’t take a new approach to fixing the battery life issues on Mac if the current solutions just aren’t cutting it. Which they aren’t.
It has been years – literally years – of poor battery life performance. And it would seem that it’s not getting better, it’s getting worse. My current, quite new, MacBook Pro can see at times about 2-3 hours of battery life when Chrome is running. 
2 to 3 hours! It’s 2018, not 1998. 
I don’t have an answer because I clearly don’t fully understand the culprit. But I do know what the answer is not. And that’s whatever has been tried over the past several years. It’s just not working.
Safari has other issues – it sucks as a many-tabbed browser, for one – but it doesn’t have this issue. If you use it on a MacBook, your battery will last far longer than if you’re using Chrome. 
I would say that we should just get a ‘Chrome Lite’ but I actually don’t think this issue is feature bloat, this time. It’s something much deeper, clearly. It’s enough to make anyone re-download Firefox. Which, by the way, you should. It’s pretty great again!
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