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Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Hello from France, where I find myself on vacation. It's lovely here. At 5pm it's still 90 degree out
First Draught
Vacation All I Ever Wanted
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #92 • View online
Hello from France, where I find myself on vacation. It’s lovely here. At 5pm it’s still 90 degree out. Not a solar eclipse in sight. I’m writing this on a porch while some very loud pigeons are looking for something in the vines in front of me. I’m drinking an iced coffee. But soon, wine.
Seeing as to my current predicament, I clearly won’t be sending a lot of these over the next couple of weeks. But there may be a few here and there both because I’m reading a ton, and because experimentation continues on this newsletter itself. As we approach the year anniversary of it (I started thinking about it, and writing it last summer vacation!), I continue to inch closer and closer to what I want to be doing with it.
Anyway, a few links for now. I’m also trying (and failing) to stay off Twitter, so I’m largely reading stuff I’ve already saved to read previously. I tend to get better at vacation as time goes on in said vacation…

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