Checking In On the Road

Just a quick love letter to Foursquare/Swarm after their move this week to focus less on "check-ins"
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The Happy Hour
Just a quick love letter to Foursquare/Swarm after their move this week to focus less on “check-ins” as a social utility, and more on being a personal diary to record and remember where you’ve been. 
While I started using Foursquare the day it came out (actually, a bit before as I wrote about its launch back in 2009) and its spiritual predecessor, Dodgeball, before that, my own use case definitely shifted from social to journal as time went on. Once the check-in portion split from the app and became Swarm, I knew a bunch of people who stopped using that aspect (many simply wanted the recommendations which were now served up by the new Foursquare app), but I kept going. Now I feel very good about that, as the new Swarm has validated my usage
I find it far more valuable, far more often than you might imagine to have a tool to look up where I’ve been. One recent example: the other day, I was at a bar in an area of San Francisco that I haven’t been to in a while and I wondered how long it had been since I’d been there. I checked in on Swarm and I had the answer: 6 years. A nice moment of nostalgia. 
The next step I would love to see Foursquare/Swarm take is to allow me to quickly select a few places I’ve checked into and save them to a list (a feature of Foursquare) to send them to people. I can’t tell you how many times Megan and I still do this for recommendations – and it’s still almost always over email. In 2017. Madness.
While I’m asking: also please give us lists that two or more people can contribute to! :)

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