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The last videogame system I bought was an Xbox 360. I think it was a decade ago. It red-ringed-of-dea
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The Happy Hour
The last videogame system I bought was an Xbox 360. I think it was a decade ago. It red-ringed-of-death and I threw it out. I still have the Wii somewhere in a box, but I haven’t touched it in probably a decade. I never bought an Xbox One, a Wii U, or any Playstation. But I’m gonna buy a Nintendo Switch.
I’m not sure it’s exactly the right strategy for Nintendo in the long term, but it has Zelda. Without Nintendo’s fantastic IP, there’s zero chance I buy this system. 
Conceptually, they’re doing some interesting things with the Switch. But I’m still just not sure how long the notion of releasing dedicated gaming systems once every five years (or more) will be around. Certainly, we’re seeing Microsoft and Sony implicitly acknowledging this with their mid-cycle upgraded Xbox One and Playstation 4 systems. But Microsoft and Sony, which are huge corporations, can afford to experiment with speeding up the cadence of their releases. Can Nintendo? 
Are we headed towards a world where the gaming systems, like smartphones, are upgraded once a year? Every other year? It would require a different sort of relationship with game developers to ensure backwards-compatibility. But that stage has also been set by smartphones. But it’s a very different way of doing things…
Anyway, just thinking out loud as I ponder this Switch buy. Now if only it weren’t sold out everywhere…

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