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Big Mute

It continues to feel like Twitter is finally hitting its stride as a public company (great quarter, b
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Big Mute
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #112 • View online
It continues to feel like Twitter is finally hitting its stride as a public company (great quarter, btw). But it’s far more fun to complain about features Twitter doesn’t have than to give them props, no matter how deserved. So here goes…
As tweetstorm’d last week, I’d love a way to be able to easily mute wide swaths of the service at different times. The example was Twitter during the Grammys – I generally loathe award shows, and find them to be beyond vapid – but those folks not into sports could easily use similar functionality for, say, the Super Bowl. Or the Olympics. Etc. 
I know this is easier said than done, but how great would it be to load up your tweet stream and have a simple toggle to turn off “tweets like this” or some such. Not forever, just for a little while. Or if it’s for Trump-related things, maybe forever
You can sort of do some of this now with Twitter’s own mute capabilities (though yes, Tweetbot’s functionality is better). But it’s too cumbersome even for me, let alone a “regular” user, to use regularly. Instead, people seem to use mute more like they use block. Mute doesn’t have to be such a negative thing! It could even be an elegant way to bring some sanity to your timeline in times of insanity. Like, say, when everyone is tweeting spoilers about Game of Thrones
I think something like this could actually help Twitter with regard to follows as well. If you were to look at my follower count the day before and the day after I tweet during Michigan football games, you’d see what I mean. These people shouldn’t have to unfollow me – and I shouldn’t have to alter my behavior to stop folks from unfollowing me. They should just be able to mute my sports tweets, even if they are always brilliant, insightful, and correct. 
Drinking: a Fort Point Resonance (their new blended saison beer in the lovely bright yellow can) 🍻

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