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Bear of a Winter

As part of my daily routine, I'm constantly cycling through note-taking apps. Over the years, I've us
First Draught
Bear of a Winter
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #31 • View online
As part of my daily routine, I’m constantly cycling through note-taking apps. Over the years, I’ve used everything from the macOS (née OS X) TextEdit, to Simplenote, to Vesper (RIP), to DayOne (much better as a journal than a notepad), to iOS/macOS Notes. (I never got into Evernote; always just seemed a bit of overkill to me.) Most recently, I’ve been using Bear.
While I liked that Notes came built-in to iOS/macOS, so you knew it would always be around, the sync on it has been pretty awful. Bear is much better in this regard. Yes, syncing is a part of the paid product ($1.49 monthly or $14.99 annually), but it works instantly 100% of the time. So it’s well worth it, in my book. Bear is also substantially better-looking – why on Earth is Notes still done in a skeuomorphic manner?!
There are some small nits with Bear. Would love an archive, for one thing. But overall, it’s solid. And I like it’s Slack-y organization elements (hashtag-based).
Anyway, Bear is hardly a secret, as it’s one of Apple’s Apps of the Year for 2016. But worth a look if you’re into such things.
(Aside: Trying out this new theme that the folks at Revue cobbled together with the people at Awkward. Looks nice in editing form – very clean. Makes the whole “by M.G. Siegler” element of my header a bit redundant, but that’s easy enough to fix.)

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