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Basking in the Moonlight

Oscar night. It's the only award show I watch and the only one I care to watch. Ostensibly because I
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Basking in the Moonlight
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #49 • View online
Oscar night. It’s the only award show I watch and the only one I care to watch. Ostensibly because I love film. But come on, all award shows are dumb – the whole concept is dumb – and this one was created pretty explicitly as a propaganda tool for the studios and industry. That said, I’ve watched the show since I was a kid, so it’s at least just as much the nostalgic factor that keeps me coming back – linked to the fact that there is a very real history to the ceremony. And occasionally there is a moment of broader importance during the show. 
So, yeah, I’m watching.
I also enjoy the prediction angle. Last year, I had a pretty good run.  This year, in the months leading up to the nomination, I was sure La La Land would be the frontrunner and eventual winner of Best Picture. It’s a film about Hollywood. And there’s nothing Hollywood loves more than films about Hollywood. 
But now I’m not so sure.
I finally watched Moonlight last night. La La Land is good, but Moonlight is great. It’s a truly sublime film. The kind that stays with you and lingers in your head long after its over. It’s incredibly unique. They don’t make movies like this anymore because I’m not sure they ever did. If I were to describe it as Boyhood meets The Wire meets Carol, you might be intrigued. But it’s better than that crude description. 
Anyway, I’m well aware the consensus best movie often fails to win Best Picture for a variety of reasons (see again: films about Hollywood/LA/acting/etc). And La La Land tied All About Eve and Titanic for the most nominations ever – and both of those won Best Picture, of course. But it just feels like this is the year to buck those trends. 
I think Moonlight will upset La La Land. We’ll see tonight!

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