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Ballparks & Time

Off to the home opener for the San Francisco Giants today. Not sure how many of you have been to AT&a
First Draught
Ballparks & Time
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #62 • View online
Off to the home opener for the San Francisco Giants today. Not sure how many of you have been to AT&T Park, but it’s an absolutely beautiful place to watch a game. And what’s sort of crazy to me is that it’s 17 years old (tomorrow is the anniversary of its first game in 2000, in fact), but it still feels brand new. This is not the case at most ballparks/stadiums.
The new norm these days seems to be to build new ballparks and/or stadiums every 25 years or so. Which is crazy when you think about how long it actually takes to build them and how much money they cost (and most of the time with taxpayers paying, no less). And yet all the best ballparks, beyond AT&T and a few others, are insanely old – Fenway, Wrigley, etc. Sure, they’ve been updated over the years, but Fenway is 105 years old!
Can you imagine any ballpark built in the past 25 years being around in another 75? Maybe AT&T Park, but I highly doubt it. Camden Yards in Baltimore is now 25 years old (and kicked off a new ballpark renaissance) and seemingly going strong. But nothing seems to last anymore…
Aside: we’re now into the era where ballparks that were sponsored from day one are becoming the elder statesmen. AT&T Park started as Pacific Bell (PacBell) Park, then was briefly SBC Park, then became AT&T thanks to the magic of telecom M&A. This sucks. It just sounds icky to talk about the majesty of AT&T Park. Plus, sponsoring companies tend to fade perhaps even faster than the ballparks themselves do. All ballparks should have original names they fall back upon if/when sponsors change. 

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