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A Tale of Two Aliens

A couple weeks ago, I saw Alien: Covenant. As you've undoubtedly heard, it hearkens back to the horro
First Draught
A Tale of Two Aliens
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #72 • View online
A couple weeks ago, I saw Alien: Covenant. As you’ve undoubtedly heard, it hearkens back to the horror of the original Alien. And it’s generally good fun. That said, I think I’m in the weird camp that actually enjoyed Prometheus – the first prequel – more. 
This is blasphemy to some. Many found Prometheus to be overwrought and esoteric. It was an Alien without the alien. But I found it fascinating. It’s one of the movies that lodged itself into my brain and I would find myself thinking about it from time to time years later. 
Covenant does its best to de-Prometheus the franchise. Given what you see just in the trailer, it’s not giving too much away to say that it quite literally kills off the compelling narrative of the last film in short order. Again, some will appreciate this. I did not. 
That said, Covenant is a hell of a lot better than Life, which I saw last week. It’s just sort of a boring, generic Alien rip-off. It has a good cast that is almost entirely wasted. Whereas in Covenant, Michael Fassbender entirely saves the movie, while killing the last movie. 

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