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A Rekindled iPad Mini

The iPad mini is a weird device. While it was released to much fanfare in 2012, the world has changed
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A Rekindled iPad Mini
By M.G. Siegler • Issue #157 • View online
The iPad mini is a weird device. While it was released to much fanfare in 2012, the world has changed. These days, the phones are bigger and the tablets are smaller – in their sales numbers, at least. So it was hardly shocking when Apple ever-so-quietly stopped updating the device. It seemed like a goner.
And yet, there are people who love the device. I know because I’m one of them. I’ve used the device basically every day since the most recent one was released. This isn’t abnormal for Apple devices in my life. What is abnormal here is that the last iPad mini was released three and a half years ago.
And while most tablets may be “good enough” for such a time horizon, this particular iPad has for a while now felt long in the Bluetooth. Sure iOS 12 helped, but there’s still a lot of waiting when multitasking versus any other iOS device I own.
Yet I put up with it because I just like the device. I find it to be the perfect size for many things. And I find it eminently more portable than the current iPad Pro, which is touted as svelte but I find to be downright cumbersome.
Anyway, with one tweet this morning, Tim Cook rekindled a romance with a device from which Apple seemed divorced. And while it may not make the most sense in terms of Apple’s current iPad offerings, I’m glad that I’ll once again have the form factor I love with 2019 power. Or, at the very least, 2018 power.
It beats 2015 power.
Drinking: a Sierra Nevada Brut IPA 🍻

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