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Yep, three days in a row of newsletters! Just want to grind through some experiments content/format-w
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The Happy Hour
Yep, three days in a row of newsletters! Just want to grind through some experiments content/format-wise here. Appreciate everyone humoring me with these humorless, behind-the-scenes updates 😀
Over the past couple of days have honed things a bit, but want to try a few different link formats this time. Have also thought about numbering them – mainly for readability/scan-ability/complete-ability (thanks for the idea, Jake) – but also don’t want it to seem as if I’m “ranking” the links in some way. So holding off for now. 
One other, bigger, thing I’m considering: publishing the work that will eventually go on 500ish Words here, first (in this area, of course). Still just a thought. But I like the idea of giving the folks I have the most direct relationship with – you all, my newsletter subscribers, who allow me into your inbox! – early access. 
Happy Friday, all! 🍻

Francis Ford Coppola
On Risk, Money, Craft & Collaboration
Retro Gaming
The Sega Genesis Retro Lump of Coal
Switch Outlook Is Sign of Bottleneck
Giphy Break
Sports-ish Stuff
The Relegation Debate for MLS
Eric Garcetti on Transportation and Homelessness in Los Angeles
Darko Milicic finds success in Serbia
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